Elisabeth Borgermans is a Belgian choreographer and dancer. In her work, she borrows procedures and themes from literature, philosophy and music to reveal the various forces present in the dancing body. Movements shape time, music provides pulse and suspense, words create meter and matter. The body in Borgermans’ work is not mute, but a vehicle of meaning and poetry. She leads us through an associative field in which the apparent meaning of things, perhaps even that of dance itself, is transformed.

Elisabeth studied linguistics and literature at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. After graduating from college, she started at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg and finished her dance education at the Artesis Royal Conservatory of Dance in Lier/Antwerp in 2009.

As a performer and dancer she has worked for United-C, Caroline D’Haese, Claudio Bernardo, AINSI/Maastricht, Festival over het IJ Amsterdam, M-idzomerfestival/30cc/Museum M Leuven, Musea KMSK/MAS Antwerp, the collective Who Makes Paintings Anyway? (with Thomas Vantuycom, Kevin Trappeniers and Sara Tan), Edith Cassiers (Laboratorium Troubleyn/Jan Fabre), Cie Marie Martinez, Compagnie Dérivation, Kendell Geers and Vera Tussing.

As a contemporary dance and improvisation teacher, she’s worked for Kunsthumaniora Brussel, Wisper, KunstAcademie Zaventem and Platform-K, amongst others.

Elisabeth performing at Nuit Blanche in Brussels.
© Thibault Gregoire

As a choreographer, she has been developing her work in collaboration as well as independently, with showings at the Museum of Fine Arts Brussels, Studio Hybrid, Cie Point-Zéro, the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels (supported by Charleroi-Danses and Le Conseil des Arts de la Danse de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles), Studio Chez Georges and OPEK Leuven. In autumn 2015 she continued her choreographic investigations at Vormingscentrum Destelheide in Belgium and The Freezer in Iceland. During spring 2016 she created and performed the solo-piece To Paint is to Love Again, with support of Theatre De NWE Vorst and in dialogue with DansBrabant in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

During winter, spring and summer 2017, Elisabeth has been living in Portugal where she was part of the Intensive Program in Choreography and Interpretation, organised by dance company Companhia Instável in Teatro do Campo Alegre in Porto. In this context, she co-created the duet No with Uruguayan dancer Matias Arismendi, performed in Teatro do Campo Alegre in July 2017. She also co-created the piece Hermit with Camilla Soave for Companhia Instável, performed at the Casa da Arquitectura in Matosinhos, and the solo-performance While We Wait.

In the season 2018 and 2019 Elisabeth worked on her research-project A Dance Allegory (working title), with residencies and showings in P.A.R.T.S/Rosas (Brussels), Vormingscentrum Destelheide, Companhia Instavel (Porto), Teatro Rivoli (Porto), DansBrabant (Tilburg) and Brusselse Gemeenschapscentra (Brussels). In Porto (Portugal) she shared her work with a group of 11 professional local dancers during a research-week. In the meantime also her teaching practice keeps developing, e.g. at Kunsthumaniora Brussels, focussed on dance technique linked to artistic and compositional practices.