While We Wait

Elisabeth in While We Wait.
© Casa da Arquitectura / ITS - Ivo Tavares Studio

While We Wait is an ongoing construction of dance phrases and interventions, inspired by the everyday process of 'waiting'. Here waiting is not a passive passing of time, but an active choice to engage in an open space. It is an invitation to observe what ordinarily is left unseen, and a refusal to automatically walk in line. To wait is then not a loss of time, but a possibility to re-choreograph it in unforeseen ways.

Choreography and dance
Elisabeth Borgermans
Antonín Dvořák, String Quartet No. 14, Scherzo (Second movement)
Companhia Instável
Ana Figueira and Mafalda Mendonça

A dance performance for the project Percursos pela Arquitectura, devised by Ana Figueira and produced by Companhia Instável and Casa da Arquitectura. Companhia Instável is subsidized by Ministério da Cultura and Direção Geral das Artes, and in permanent residence in Teatro Campo Alegre in Porto.