Elisabeth in HERMIT.
© Manuela Vaz

HERMIT is a contemporary dance performance inspired by the architecture and monumental atmosphere of the Nave. The nave of a building is its main body and its supporting base, usually reserved for bigger crowds of people. In this performance, the dancers relate their movements to the image of a connecting body, drawing parallels between the composition of the space and the layered structure of the polyphonic music "La Messe de Nostre Dame". This piece of music, composed in 1363 by Guillaume de Machaut, functions by means of a supporting base of low voices, the basso continuo, to make the melody of the higher voices stand out. At the same time, the audience is invited to inhabit the space and questions of isolation and togetherness are raised.

Camilla Soave and Elisabeth Borgermans
Camilla Soave, Madli Paves, Elisabeth Borgermans
Kyrie, La Messe de Nostre Dame, Guillaume de Machaut
15 min.
Companhia Instável, Casa da Arquitectura
Ana Figueira

A dance performance for the project Percursos pela Arquitectura, devised by Ana Figueira and produced by Companhia Instável and Casa da Arquitectura. Companhia Instável is subsidized by Ministério da Cultura and Direção Geral das Artes, and in permanent residence in Teatro Campo Alegre in Porto.

Elisabeth in HERMIT.
© Antonio Pinheiro