Rehearsal image of Zäsur.
© Olympe Tits

Zäsur is a choreographic exploration of desire and desolation, musically propelled by waves of Mahler and Metal. A female performer looks at a distant and near past and, in a search for insight, enters into a dialogue with, among others, Gustav Mahler, Friedrich Hölderlin, Rosa Luxemburg, Yvonne Rainer, Straub/Huillet and experimental metal genres. As she moves in and out of the choreographic space, the audience is invited to follow her in a labyrinth of intensity and distance, intimate and distant situations. She always asks herself: “Why did it happen this way and not otherwise?”.

Zäsur’s aesthetic and artistic point of departure is the question: ‘What is the function of a rupture, understood as a moment in a process of change?’ Fractures or shifts manifest themselves in time; in an individual, in a history, in a social or political context. Dancing and thinking through different personal, artistic and theoretical perspectives, Zäsur thus explores the possible meanings, bodily experiences, feelings and movements of the specific impact of a rupture. This creates a characteristic and intriguing movement language, navigating between aesthetic formalism and brutality.

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Choreography and performance
Elisabeth Borgermans
Musical dramaturgy and montage
Alain Franco
Artistic collaboration
Bryana Fritz, Thomas Vantuycom
Lights and technique
Luc Schaltin
Management and production
Lenneke Rasschaert
Kate Olsen
C-TAKT, DansBrabant, Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, Perpodium
Cultuurhuis de Warande, GC De Kroon
With support of
the Flemish government, the Taxshelter of the Belgian Federal Government, the Flemish Community Commission
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