To Paint is to Love Again

Elisabeth in To Paint is to Love Again.
© Ralph Timmermans

Dance performance To Paint is to Love Again is a dedication to the human impulse to create beauty and meaning through doing and through making, whether born out of the freedom of possibility or the constraints of bare necessity. It is above all an exploration of the phenomenon of craftsmanship in all its manifestations. An appetite for direct and experience-based doing is something the craftsman has in common with the artist and the dancer, which are both of Borgermans' concern.

With compelling dance material, text and storytelling, Borgermans creates a theatrical playground in which she craftfully embodies the intentions of the artist, the perspective of the hard-working man and woman, the abstracting stance of the scientist, and the physical skills needed to manipulate the tools of the craftsman.

This performance was made in Theatre The Freezer in Iceland, Vormingscentre Destelheide in Dworp in co-operation and co-production with Theatre De NWE Vorst in Tilburg, and in dialogue with DansBrabant in Tilburg.

Choreography, concept, composition and dance
Elisabeth Borgermans
Richard Sennett, Henry Miller
Miles Davis, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors
Special thanks to
the entire NWE Vorst-team, Heleen Volman and DansBrabant, Anneke van der Linden, Jan Zobel, Ralph Timmermans and Thomas Vantuycom