Elisabeth has extensive experience in teaching contemporary dance and improvisation.

Her technique classes mainly focus on floorwork, flow and lightness in speed, playfulness, and intricate movement phrases. Connection with music or sound usually takes on an important role. The main goal is to playfully open up all the senses, and create an understanding of efficient and easy movement.

Elisabeth reading her notes.
Photo by Johan Pijpops

When working with improvisation and composition, the senses and how they absorb impulses and information, are taken as the starting point. Like this, improvisation can be a tool guiding the dancer towards a deeper understanding of the body and its movement patterns. It can also be an art form in itself: a way to train the skills needed to make creative choices in composing a piece. This can happen in a conscious and reflective way, and/or in a rather unconscious one, depending on the dancer's needs and the moment in the process. Important is to always create a flow in which the dancer doesn't have to think so hard. Opening up, consciousness and flow are the key words.

In all the activities of life, from the simplest physical activities to the highest intellectual and spiritual activities, our whole effort must be to get out of our own light.