Elisabeth is investing in the creation of solo-performance. The work, although embedded in choreography and movement, borrows procedures and themes from literature, philosophy and music. A recurrent theme is the increasing tension between mental abstractions and images on the one hand, and unacknowledged physical and energetic manifestations on the other.

Elisabeth performing at Nuit Blanche in Brussels.
Photo by Thibault Gregoire

Inasmuch as many of us are products of primarily theoretical educations and similar work situations, we share a tendency to reduce reality to something that is intellectually graspable, while not recognizing and undervaluing physical and material-oriented skills and knowledge.

The first step in dealing with this reduction could be trying to perceive things without judgment, in the way they show themselves in their direct nakedness and simplicity. Through the perception of something alien to ourselves, e.g., an object, a text or a piece of music, we become aware of our projections and interpretations and pass beyond them into a fuller perceiving, sensing and understanding of what is real.

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